JavaScript Hacks: Your Own 3D Twitter Gallery

Twitter 3d Gallery

I’ve noticed recently the Twitter media gallery (I know, was there forever..) and since I had a bit of time this morning waiting for the air conditioning repair man, I decided to hack something together that looks a bit different.

Demo link for Your Own 3D Twitter Gallery

As always, if you’re thinking of doing a startup, it would be a great advantage if you were able to put JavaScript together fairly quick. It’s all about visuals, people love to see graphics, not text, so the more you can play with UI/UX, the better chance that you’re headed in the right direction. You want to be able to put stuff like this up fairly fast, then be ready to throw it away without a blink because it often turns out that it’s useless or needs drastic changes. This is your typical UI/UX cycle in most cases.

Use a better browser, Chrome, and stick with something that has a mouse. I don’t bother testing on other browsers simply because I’m doing these as proof of concept. Same goes for tablets, though sometimes I specifically test something there to get a feel on things.

How do you know it works for you? What you should be seeing, is recent images posted by anyone on Twitter. As you move your mouse or click an image, the images move in a 3d way and zoom into view. You can also type a different twitter ID up top so you can see other images.

This is a first example I’m coding here but chances are I will add many more over time. 

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